Looking For Family Visa For UAE? Here Is Complete Info For You

If you want to bring your family to the UAE, you may wonder what documents you need to start the process. This article will help you understand the Requirements and Fees involved in getting a family visa UAE. This is essential information for anyone considering moving to the UAE. There are several different visas you can apply for. You must also know that these visas are for expatriate families and the requirements and fees are different.

Documents required for a family visa to UAE

The documents required for a family visa to UAE are not difficult to fulfill but can get tricky if you don’t follow them correctly. UAE offers different types of visas for different purposes. Each has specific requirements, so it is important to understand what is needed for each type of visa. Most expatriates leave their children and spouses behind in their home countries, and the UAE is no exception.

No objection letter from the biological parent. Sponsor of stepchildren doesn’t require any bank deposit. The child’s sponsor must be a husband, partner, or shareholder. Alternatively, an LLC agreement with a minimum of 70 000 AED shares is sufficient. The sponsor must pay 360 AED as Visa Fee. The deposit amount can only be refunded to the sponsor’s bank account, and the IBAN must be the same as the sponsor’s.

Other requirements

The government has announced new regulations for families wishing to immigrate to the UAE. This visa will provide a cohesive environment for individuals to start a family in the UAE. The requirements for family visas to UAE are as follows:

If your spouse or children are not residents of the UAE, they must first apply for an entry permit and an E-visa. You must complete your medical examination within 60 days of receiving the visa stamp. Your marriage certificate must be attested by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently translated into Arabic. The family members must have a medical insurance plan with an annual limit of 150,000 AED. This can be purchased through local insurance providers.


For a husband and wife to sponsor children, the husband must be a permanent resident of the UAE, earn Dh3, 000-4,000 a month, and have accommodation in the UAE. The visa fee is Dh2, 575. The sponsorship fee can be renewed once a year. If you are applying for a spouse and children visa for your spouse and children, you must ensure that the sponsoring person is an employee in the UAE.

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