What is the Importance of English Language?

The English language is important everywhere and many people all over the world are learning this second language to compete with the world’s pace. Moreover, learning any new language enables you to communicate with different people from different nations. 

In many schools, English is a second language in their school courses and they start learning English at a very early age. 

English is the language of every field such as science, computers, tourism, aviation, and statecraft, etc. Learning English increases your chances of working in a good place whether in your country or abroad. 

It’s the language to communicate internationally, even media and internet is fully absorbed into English. Nowadays, English is essential as social media and entertainment links are totally a part of English that needs an up to date knowledge of English understanding.

Let’s first understand what a language is and how it is important for a nation.


Language is the basic and main source of communication. It is the procedure of communicating and expressing our ideas and feelings to others. Some people say that language is the main key that differentiates humans from animals. 

There are many languages spoken in the world which is identified by its native region as every nation has its own specific language. Some languages have a great number of speakers while some have less.

History of English

English is basically a West German language and it was first spoken in early primitive England and gradually it became the language of the whole nation. This language was named on Germanic people that migrated to Great Britain. 

The English language was developed 1400 years ago. Old English was the earliest forms of English, which was brought to Great Britain in the 5th century. Then comes the middle English which was started in the late 11th century. Afterwards, Early modern English was brought up in the late 15th century at the same time the printing press was also introduced. 

Then under the influence of the British Empire, and later the United States, Modern English was started and it is ruling the world since the 17th century.

How’s today’s English?

Modern English is more the balance of its pronunciation, grammar, and spelling instead of vocabulary and slang which keep on changing with time. 

English is a language which influences and then adopts words from other languages. Its many words are from Greek and Latin language about three-quarters. 

But now English has been changed, it is now more easy to write words and sentences in today’s rather than forming them into old English. 

Behind English, there are so many countries and new words get invented day by day. 

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